The original name of the Victorian Mansion was "The Burnham House" and was built in the 1850's. The Owner, Nelson T. Burnham, was born in Hartford Connecticut and moved to Medina in 1811. Shortly after, he married Emily Clark and together they had 8 children. Burnham was raised a farmer but started in the clock making trade and soon became a successful businessman.

Mr. Burnham bought over 500 acres and hired mason, Thomas Gower, and carpenter, Richard Gibbings to begin construction on what is today the 2nd oldest building standing in Medina. The interior of the house was arranged at the direction of Mrs. Burnham herself who desired the structure to be one of convenience.

The estate has been several restaurants over the years: The Homestead in the 50's, Great-Expectations in the mid 70's, Penny's poor house in the 90's and now The Corkscrew Saloon since 2008.

The Corkscrew Saloon has restored and updated the home with the hopes of keeping its original charm. We hope you enjoy our food and spirits and would like to thank you for coming and sharing your dining experience with our family.